Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Quick trick for scanning a document

FleXtel was the first and is still the best provider of phone numbers that are independent of line or device and can be routed to your location of choice. Flexible numbering gives you control of your incoming telephone calls. One unchanging number can reach you at any normal telephone wherever you are, without costing you any call diversion charges or monthly service fees.

FleXtel's service features are numerous and well worth a look. A neat trick makes use of the Faxmail service - a simple and free replacement for a fax machine for people who don't need to send faxes. First set your FleXtel number to Faxmail. This means that faxes sent to your number will be delivered to you as email attachments. Then when you need to scan a document just fax it to your FleXtel number and it arrives in your email as a TIF image attachment. Quicker & easier than messing around with a scanner and available anywhere there's a fax machine.

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