Monday, 6 August 2007


Devicescape is a piece of software you install on your wireless devices (laptop, smartphone etc) that allows you to connect to wireless networks without having to login each time. It automates the process at public hotspots and allows you to share your home network with your friends.

By adding 'buddies' you build a community of shared networks. When you invite a 'buddy' they receive the following email:

"I'm using a great new service called Devicescape for easy and secure access to Wi-Fi at home, my friends' places and hotspots wherever I go. I no longer have to struggle with usernames, passwords, security keys and wireless settings in order to get online. Whenever I'm in range of Wi-Fi, Devicescape gets me connected automatically so I can quickly start surfing the web, downloading my email or using other online services. Since you're someone I trust, I've granted you permission to use my personal Wi-Fi network via Devicescape for convenient wireless access whenever you visit me."

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