Sunday, 7 October 2007

PC remote access

Do you sometimes need to ask a friend or relative for help with your PC or find yourself being asked for help. Trying to resolve problems over the phone is invariably a frustrating business! Being able to remotely access a PC makes the whole experience much simpler.

I've tried a variety of remote access products and run into problems with ports being blocked, failed connections and grindingly slow access. LogMeIn makes the whole process very easy and avoids the hassle of opening up specific ports on your router. You install LogMeIn on the PC that needs to be accessed remotely and then the other party accesses the PC via a browser using an ID & Password provided by the person whose PC is being accessed. If you have LogMeIn installed before you actually need access then the whole process is very quick.

LogMeIn is also great for accessing your own PC from another location, e.g. the office.

One point to note is that when you download the free version (which I've found is perfectly adequate) it actually installs a trial of the pro version. You then need to edit your account settings to change it to the free version.

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