Wednesday, 27 April 2011

What's on your Oyster Card?

If you travel in London you'll almost certainly have an Oyster Card. The guys at Confidence Designed have come up with iOyster, a neat app for the iPhone, that lets you check your balance and keep a note of season tickets stored on your card. I had a look at the app before it hit the App Store and if you struggle to keep track of your Oyster stuff, especially if you have several cards (maybe for the family?) then it'll be very useful.

The app also shows where you can top up your Oyster Card and I know there's lots more content planned for the next release. The initial release is 59p and is only available for this week before being withdrawn for some updates.

Confidence Designed are also behind the brilliant My giffgaff app for giffgaff customers.

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