Sunday, 17 February 2008

Proporta Mobile Device Charger - Micro

A while back I blogged about the Proporta Mobile Device Charger. This is a handy portable device for recharging your phones, iPods and other portable gadgets when you're out and about. Now Proporta has launched the Mobile Device Charger Micro (USB rechargeable battery) which provides the same functionality in a smaller package. The battery stores 1700 mAh of power, less than the original device but that's the trade- off for a more convenient form factor.

These portable rechargers are a great alternative to buying a spare battery as they can be used with all your mobile devices. Batteries haven't kept up with the power demands of handsets using 3G, WiFi, data, playing music, taking pictures; and the ability to recharge on the go is essential.

Proporta sells a great range of devices for mobile computing.

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