Saturday, 9 February 2008


The guys at Devicescape have released version 2.0 of their application that automatically logs you in to WiFi networks. I've blogged about Devicescape before and now its even better.

The Devicescape website highlights some of the areas addressed by version 2.0 ...
  • Can you make this work straight “out of the box?”
  • Can you make this useful for the free WiFi user, since many of us don’t have commercial accounts?
  • Can I enter my Wi-Fi account info directly on the device instead of having to go to your website in advance?
  • You’ve got a big list of free hotspots now. Can you make it that I get them automatically without having to go add them at the website?
  • Can you connect me to open, unsecured networks and maybe let me know that I’ve got a connection?
I've been using Devicescape for a while now on my PCs and smartphones to login to my own WiFi networks, family WiFi networks and public hotspots. It makes the whole process much simpler and more reliable. A must have app for anyone using WiFi. And it's free ...!

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