Friday, 18 January 2008

My favourite software

A round-up of some of my favourite PC tools & utilities. All of these apps are free or at least have a free trial. After each item I've put a link to my previous post where you can read more about the software.

eWallet - Brilliant for storing details of your user IDs & passwords. Sevendotzero post

Devicescape - Automates the login process for personal & public WiFi hotspots. Also works on mobile devices like Nokia S60 smartphones & Windows Mobile devices. Sevendotzero post

CCleaner - Cleans up & optimises your PC. Sevendotzero post

Startup Control Panel - Mike Lin's very useful tool for stopping applications loading when Windows starts that just take up memory. Sevendotzero post

Revo Uninstaller - Makes a much better job of uninstalling applications than Windows, even removing corrupt installations that Windows can't handle. Sevendotzero post

Carbonite - Remote backup so I always know there's a copy of my data safe. Sevendotzero post

Firefox - No list would be complete without Firefox! Firefox is a great browser but what makes it for me is the ability to install add-ons (or extensions) that add to the functionality. I've got 25 on this PC!

Which are your favourites?

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