Saturday, 10 July 2010

24 hours with the iPad

I've now been using my iPad for 24 hours and ... wow! I'm even more impressed with it than I thought I'd be. My usage sits somewhere between my iPhone and MacBook Pro. Email, Twitter, web browsing are much better experiences on the iPad, compared to the iPhone, and simpler, compared to the MacBook. I'm typing this blog post on the iPad; and the keypad, whilst similar in design to the iPhone, is so much easier to use because of the big keys.

I've installed Truphone to give me telephony and just need the iPad Camera Connection Kit to give me a USB port to connect the Freetalk Everyman headset to, for decent quality calls. Unfortunately the camera adaptors are impossible to get in the UK currently.

Using my home WiFi Internet connectivity is amazingly fast, especially compared to the iPhone. The display is outstanding, both to look at and to use as a touchscreen.

I've also bought the Apple iPad Case which seems a bit extortionate at £30 but does work well, both for lightweight protection and to prop up the iPad for typing.

Any disappointments so far? None!

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