Thursday, 1 May 2008

Vodafone - an unhappy customer

I'm not happy with Vodafone at the moment.

Last Sunday I ordered online from Vodafone a Pay Monthly SIM card for my daughter and as part of the order requested a number port for her existing number. I duly received order confirmation and credit check confirmation emails with the assurance that I would be contacted to confirm delivery details. No communication since, however yesterday my daughter's phone would no longer register on the old network, so it was apparent that the port had been completed. Calling her number resulted in Vodafone Voicemail so yes the port was complete. But no SIM card!

I called Vodafone and was advised that they port 2 days after order. However the SIM card is sent 2nd class and to allow 7 days for delivery! I mentioned that perhaps I should have ignored the section where I entered the port details but was told if I had then Vodafone would have rejected a later request to port in a number! The lady I spoke to (who did her best to help) was unable to tell me the status of the SIM card delivery and advised me to call the 'warehouse' today. I'm sure she was doing her best with the information available to her but what a poor customer experience the whole business has been. This is a perfect example of how to ruin a great product with a dismal customer experience.

It's a rolling 30 day contract and with this level of customer service Vodafone will be lucky to see 31 days! Why would a customer want their number ported before they've received the SIM card? What use is a number (and I don't know what the number is) when I can't use it?

If the Vodafone Blogger Relations team would like to pick this one up I'd be very happy to talk to them.

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